To kill two birds with one stone: how to overcome the fear of speaking in public and the fear of rejection in only one step.

Psychologists have found that certain fears live together in our mind.
The fear of Public speaking and of been rejected are tighly linked.

This is both a problem and an opportunity for people involved in sales carreers.

A problem, because it’s certain that the greatest difference between a honest and professional sales account and a successfull sales manager stand in the ability to speak in public and to cope with the fear of rejection.

But, as I said, this problematic and odd couple could be an opportunity, since we can solve both just focusing on one of them.

If you become confident and relaxed in public speaking, you will overcome your fear of rejection.

According to stats, among adults the fear of speaking in public is more considered than the fear of death. That’s really impressive!

Now, try to figure out how your life could change if just you can go in front of a crowd to tell just what you want without any problem!

One of the best investments that sales people can do is to subscribe to a course to learn to speak in public.

Usually, these courses are based on the theory that doing over and over again the same “frightening” action, it will stop paralizing you.
That’s it: you must desensitize your “fear nerve”!.

Try some Toastmaster International course or Dale Carnegie course and, in less than 1 year, both of your twin fears will be eliminated and you’ll move quickly toward a full self expression in work and private life.


4 Responses

  1. great post, welcome to the blogosphere 😉

  2. thanks my dear Web Master

  3. I would recommend joining a Toastmasters Club it is one of the best ongoing Speaking and leadership training programmes.

  4. Great post, though I would add that even after many years of public speaking some of the most famous and successful speakers feel ‘fear’, however they channel this energy into their performance rather than letting it overcome them.

    Welcome to the blogosphere and also Twitter where I ‘found’ you. I look forward to reading many more quality sales articles in the future.

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