Cold calling, little companies and Italian economy.

I live in Italy, a strange place where success in business is very often tied with political connections at every level.

I live in Italy, a strange place, where if you have a very good idea, but your parents and relatives are not famous, rich or important, after a period of frustration you decide to go abroad and start again to get success.

But… there is another way.

If you are a talented person and you want to work without been tightly linked to local or national political stars, you must follow these steps:
1. choose a niche market, where what really counts are things like innovation, skills, fantasy, strong will
2. think of how to present your idea in an attractive way
3. find on yellow pages – or wherever you can – your leads and prospects
4. call them and obtain an appointment
5. (only for talented and religious people) pray

I usually propose my consultancy for point 4 to small companies with good ideas, great technical skills, but a little ability in selling their products (for your information, in Italy 90% of the companies are composed by less than 5 person).

So, maybe this is an hot potato only in a strange place like Italy, but here Cold Calling techniques are still a mystery.

What can help is a good book about Cold Calling like that written by Steve Schiffman.

Just one example; I was positively impressed by the idea of making the number of rejections that the operator receives from cold calls a target.

It means that also a negative feedback can make him\her gain some money, because the company knows that the cold calling job is a tough, but effective job and if the operator receives 250 “No, thanks”, probably he will also receive 50 or more “Yes, get together!”.

This is just one of the several tips and tricks that you can find in that short and very helpful (certainly for small Italian companies) book.



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